It’s important that prospective buyers be able to see themselves in the property you’re listing, and not be distracted by life’s daily clutter. Here’s a real estate photo checklist that’s been a great starting point for our sellers so far. (A custom list from a stager or your agent should be prioritized above this generalized list.)

Please have the property fully prepared prior to the appointment, using this real estate photo checklist or a custom list by your agent or stager, so the photographer may focus solely on creating great images within the allotted time. Remember this rule: If it’s there, the camera may record it.


    • Trim grass & shrubs, blow leaves, & place fresh pine straw or mulch
    • Park all cars inside a garage or down the street
    • Blow-off hard surfaces incl. sidewalks, driveways, stairs, porches, patios & decks
    • Put away hoses, hose reels, sprinklers & garbage bins
    • Remove covers from well-maintained grills & smokers; Cover neglected ones
    • Remove covers, debris, & cleaning robots from swimming pools


    • Clear counters of non-essential items & personal décor
    • Remove all items from the fridge doors, sides, & top
    • Put away all dishes, dish towels, & paper towels
    • Decorate with a bowl of fresh fruit or a small bouquet of flowers


    • Remove all personal-care items from showers, bath tubs, & counters
    • Replace used towels & washcloths with clean, fluffy, white towels
    • Remove all loofahs, scrubbies, robes, & scales

Kid’s rooms:

    • Organize smaller toys & books into cute baskets or wicker bins
    • Remove large toys, Pack ‘n Plays, & large play tables
    • Remove décor with visible names of children

Pet items:

    • Remove food dishes, pet beds, toys, scratching posts, & “landmines”


    • Paint rooms that are dark or a non-neutral color to a light neutral color
    • Replace personal photos, art & knickknacks with non-specific art or décor
    • Remove moving boxes & other ugly storage containers
    • Remove all junk mail, bills, & other assorted paperwork
    • Replace broken blinds & open all blinds in the house uniformly. Ask your agent if they prefer blinds turned-open (horizontal) or pulled-up
    • Turn off ceiling fans & televisions
    • Replace burned out light bulbs
    • Fresh, white, flowers in small bouquets look lovely almost anywhere

A picture is worth a thousand words & a prepared house speaks them eloquently.